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If you are a true American, you need to go see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter right fucking now.

IT WAS SO FANTASTIC. It didn’t follow the book at all, so don’t expect that, but you still need to see it! There were so many amazing people in it and the effects were breathtaking and Benjamin Walker gave a wonderful performance. If you’re a fan of the book like I am, it’s very easy to get over its differences. I mean, it’s Tim Burton, people. Plus, Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the screenplay, so obviously he was cool with the changes they made. Seriously, you are a Commie if you don’t like this movie. Kidding. But srsly. I feel so patriotic rn. My best friend and I saluted at the credits. Abe Lincoln is the coolest president ever and I refuse to believe this book and movie to be works of fiction. It was his real fucking biography, okay? 

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